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Dynamic Total Protection Services LLC is a full service home and commercial security company. Our mission is to provide the best security alarm systems available to our customers to ensure that you and your families stay safe. 

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Ask any one of our customers and they will prove that our customer service really makes our company. When you enter into a relationship with us then you become family. 

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In the world today, it is vital that you receive the most up-to-date equipment. We have partnered with leaders in the security industry to provide equipment and technology that will deliver a fast alarm response. We also employ the latest technology in video surveillance through Camera and DVR equipment. We also provide the capability to view, arm, and disarm your system form any smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Security Suggestions

Tips From Terry

Home security: myths and tips to protect your home from break-ins   

The FBI reports there’s a burglary in the U.S. every 16 seconds. Ignore the myths and follow these tips on protecting your home.  

  • Myth: We’re in a safe neighborhood.
  • Fact: Some neighborhoods are safer than others, but break-ins occur everywhere.   
  • Myth: If a burglar wants to get in, he’ll get in. 
  • Fact: There are simple things you can do to discourage burglars and make your home virtually burglarproof.  
  • Myth: Our dog will protect our home.
  • Fact: A dog is a deterrent, but could be quieted or neutralized.  
  • Myth: I’m protected with home insurance. 
  • Fact: Insurance may cover most of the monetary value of stolen items, but not their sentimental value. And after a burglary, it’s hard to recover your sense of security. 
  • Myth: Home security systems are expensive, complicated to install, are set off by pets, and defeated by burglars. 
  • Fact: None of these things are true anymore with today’s security systems.  

  • Security Tip: Check your landscaping. Trim shrubbery around windows and doors where a thief could hide.  
  • Security Tip: Keep your yard tidy. Remove tools, toys, and fallen tree branches a burglar could use to break in.  
  • Security Tip: Fix your lighting. Install motion-sensor lights outside, especially around entry points. Inside, put lights on timers throughout the house.  
  • Security Tip: Dial up your door defenses. Install solid wood or metal outside doors that fit tight to the frames, with inside hinges and deadbolt locks. Place a metal bar inside the floor track of sliding doors, so they can’t open if the lock is picked. 
  • Security Tip: Change the locks. Do this when you move in and if you lose your key. 
  • Security Tip: Install a home security system. Today’s wireless systems install easily with cell phone police notification that burglars can’t stop. The alarm alerts neighbors, some systems have smartphone control, and all come with a lawn sign the bad guys notice. Plus, you may get a discount on your insurance.  
  • Security Tip: Don’t advertise your whereabouts. No notes on the door when you’re out. Don’t share vacation plans and experiences on Facebook or Twitter. Post all that after you come home. 
  • Security Tip: Never look like you’re gone. Have the post office hold your mail, and ask a friend or neighbor to pick up any flyers or packages left by the door.  
  • Security Tip: Always leave safely. Lock windows, doors, set the alarm. Always.  

Thank you and hope this advice helps!   Terry

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